Real-time Air Quality
Published by Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center on August 25 at 11 a.m.
  • Clean
  • Still clean
  • Slightly polluted
  • Moderately polluted
  • Heavily polluted
  • Serious polluted
Pollution IAQI Level
Institutional Responsibilities
  • Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau (Beijing EPB) is a department of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, responsible for the environmental protection in Beijing.

    1. Implementing relevant national laws, regulations, rules and policies on environmental protection; drawing up drafts of relevant local laws and governmental regulations of Beijing, composing and organizing the implementation of policies and plans on environmental protection, and establishing and improving environmental protection system; organizing the formulation of the environmental function zoning; composing the local pollutant discharge standards and the local environmental quality standards beyond the national specified standards; and organizing the formulation and supervising the implementation of the pollution prevention plans for key regions and key river basins as well as the environmental protection plans of the drinking water sources.

    2. To be responsible for the overall coordination, supervision and management of the key environmental issues in Beijing. Taking the lead in organizing and coordinating the investigation and handling of key environmental pollution incidents, and participating in the emergency responses to sudden environmental events; coordinating and promoting regional and river basin pollution prevention with neighboring provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities; coordinating the overall pollution prevention in key regions and river basins; and coordinating and settling disputes of environmental pollution among districts and counties of Beijing.

    3. Undertaking and fulfilling the due obligations of pollution reduction targets of Beijing. Organizing the composing of total load control plans of key pollutants and supervising their implementation, and implementing the pollution discharge permit system; inspecting, supervising and verifying the fulfillment of pollutant reduction tasks of relevant departments, institutions, district and counties; and carrying out the responsibility system of environmental protection, and to be responsible for the evaluation of the total pollution load reduction and releasing the evaluation results.

    4. To be responsible for putting forth recommendations on orientation, scales and project arrangement of the fixed asset investment in the field of environmental protection in Beijing; participating in the formulation of the master-plans and the programs and plans of economic and social development; and be responsible for the comprehensive analysis of the environmental situation.

    5. To be responsible for the supervision and management of the environmental pollution prevention in Beijing. Establishing and organizing the implementation of pollution prevention and management systems of waters, air, soil, noise, light, odor, solid wastes, chemicals and vehicles; be responsible for the environmental supervision and administrative inspection of environmental policies, and organizing the inspection on the enforcement of environmental protection; be responsible for the implementation of systems such as deadline treatment, registration of pollution discharge application, levy of pollution discharge fee and so on; participating in promoting cleaner production; supervising and managing the environmental protection of the drinking water sources with relevant departments; and organizing and guiding the comprehensive improvement of the township and rural environment.

    6. Undertaking the responsibilities of source prevention and control of the environmental pollution and damages in Beijing. Entrusted by the municipal government, conducting environmental impact assessment (EIA) on the key economic and technological policies, development plans as well as key economic development plans; reviewing and approving the EIA documents of the construction projects according to relevant regulations, to be responsible for the supervision and management of the concurrent design, concurrent construction and concurrent operation of construction projects and their environmental protection facilities, and be responsible for the inspection and acceptance of the environmental protection of completed construction projects; and entrusted by Ministry of Environmental Protection, managing the qualification of environmental impact assessment institutions.

    7. Guiding, coordinating and supervising the ecological conservation in Beijing; organizing the evaluation of eco-environmental quality; supervising the development and utilization of the natural resources with impact on the eco-environment, the key eco-environmental conservation work and the restoration of the ecological damages, and coordinating and guiding the rural ecological conservation work; organizing and putting forth comments on the reviewing and approving of new nature reserves and conducting supervision and inspection on nature reserves of all kinds according to the laws.

    8. To be responsible for the supervision and management of the radiation safety in Beijing. Composing relevant policies and rules on radiation safety; to be responsible for the emergency responses of the radioactive environmental accidents; supervising and administering the pollution prevention of the nuclear technology utilization, electromagnetism radiation and the development and utilization of the mineral resources with radiation; supervising and administering the disposal of the wasted radiation sources and the radioactive wastes; and be responsible for the nuclear facilities management within the scope of its authority.

    9. To be responsible for environmental monitoring and information disclosure in Beijing. Establishing systems and norms of environmental monitoring; organizing the establishment and management of environmental monitoring networks and environmental information networks; organizing the implementation of environmental quality monitoring and supervisory monitoring on pollution sources; organizing the investigation and evaluation, forecasting and early warning of environmental quality; be responsible for the environmental statistics work; and establishing and implementing the system for publicizing the information of environmental quality, and disclosing the environmental information such as bulletin on the state of the environment in a unified manner.

    10. Conducting science and technology work of the environmental protection. Organizing key scientific researches and technological engineering demonstration on environmental protection; promoting the application of scientific research results and technologies of environmental protection; and promoting the development of circular economy and environmental industry.

    11. Conducting international cooperation and exchanges of environmental protection. Conducting studies and put forth recommendations on relevant issues of international environmental cooperation; to be responsible for the issues of environmental cooperation with relevant countries, regions and international organizations; participating in the work such as climate change and so on; and addressing international environmental protection issues with the entrustment of the municipal government and Ministry of Environmental Protection.

    12. Organizing, guiding and coordinating the environmental publicity and education of Beijing. Formulating and organizing the implementation of the outlines of the publicity and education of environmental protection; organizing the press and publicity of environmental protection; organizing the publicity and education of ecological civilization and environment friendly society; and promoting the involvement of social organizations and the public in environmental protection.

    13. To be responsible for supervising and inspecting the pollution prevention, ecological conservation and enforcement supervision in districts and counties.

    14. Undertaking other assignments from the municipal government.

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Address: No. 14, Chegongzhuang Xilu, Haidian District, Beijing, 100048
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